Of The Month Awards (OTM)

Writing OTMs

Writing OTMs is a big way for members of the residence life community to recognize outstanding individuals and programs on campus. OTMs can be written and submitted by students, staff & faculty and serve as the primary source of recognition for the National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH). OTM winners on the campus level are submitted on to the regional level to compete against OTMs from other campuses.

There are a lot of different topics that you OTMs can be written about. The two main categories that are chosen from when writing an OTM are Program or General. A program can be anything that happens within an organization or group associated with CSU. For example, programs that NRHH, RHA, or RLP put together can be considered for OTMs, or programs that are put together by outside organizations, like CREWS, or TiLT, can also be considered. A general OTM can be written about pretty much anything else, like somebody who shows outstanding leadership, or a really cute or inspirational bunny on the sidewalk, or even a really, really good burrito. OTMs are used to recognize the amazing things in our communities, and even burritos deserve to be recognized!

Use these helpful resources below to learn more about writing and submitting great OTMs!