NRHH membersThe National Residence Hall Honorary is an internationally recognized honorary that devotes itself to the values of recognition, service, leadership development and scholastics. We provide programs that help to improve the CSU community and develop student leaders.

The National Residence Hall Honorary’s primary mission is to foster a sense of service, recognition, and student success in the residence halls. This is done in a few ways. We offer programs, learning workshops, and events to residents to encourage and foster a greater community among the residents.

Recognize the CSU community with an Of the Month Award

Of the month awards

Looking to recognize an RA, faculty member, CSU student and more for the month? Submit an Of the Month Award by the end of the month on 11:50 pm (MST). For full descriptions of the categories and requirements click the “Awards/Recognition” tab above. We look forward to reading your nomination!

NRHH Member Application


Interested in becoming a member of the National Residence Hall Honorary? There are tons of great benefits to being a member, such as the opportunity to develop your leadership skills and participate in service-learning programs. The first step is to fill out the application. Please click here to apply!

Do you know someone who would make a great NRHH member? Clink here to nominate someone to apply!

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